Partnering with an Assistance Dog can make a world of difference for individuals with disabilities. The benefits of increased mobility, greater independence and improved confidence are truly life-changing.

who we are

We’re Trainers

We select, train and place Assistance Dogs with people with disabilities.

We’re Enablers

We enable people with disabilities to become more mobile and independent.

We’re Fund Raisers

We depend on the generosity of donors to help fund our mission.


Every day, individuals with disabilities wake up to a world full of challenges. Even simple tasks, such as getting out of bed or opening a door can be difficult. With the services of in-home caregivers prohibitively expensive for many individuals with disabilities, getting the assistance needed to navigate daily challenges can seem like an impossible dream.

Thankfully, there is a source of help -- K9s 4 Mobility. We’re a Cheyenne, Wyoming-based non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those with disabilities through the training, placement and support of Assistance Dog partnerships.

K9s 4 Mobility trains Guide Dogs that assist a person who is blind or visually impaired, Service Dogs that perform skill tasks for a person with a physical disability and Social Service Dogs that work with a professional in the field of occupational therapy, physical therapy, education and other specialties.


Without the generous support of our donors, K9s 4 Mobility wouldn’t be able to fulfill its mission of training and partnering Assistance Dogs with people who have disabilities. To donate now, click on the Paypal link at the top of the page.


Learn about the faithful Service Dog Yankee, and see how you can help raise funds for our new facility and to help train our Assistance Dogs.


Your generous contribution of $500 will pay for the puppy’s medical testing and give you the right to name the puppy.


Puppy raiser/trainers are volunteers who agree to raise, love and train puppies that have the potential to become Assistance Dogs.


A Cheyenne, Wyoming-based non-profit organization

K9s 4 Mobility trains and places Guide dogs that assist a person who is blind or visually impaired by guiding them safely around obstacles, street crossings and overhangs;  Service dogs, that perform skill tasks for persons with a physical disability. Tasks include retrieving dropped items, pulling a wheelchair, tugging clothing and doors, providing assistance with balance and transfers; Social Service dogs that work with a professional in the field of occupational therapy, physical therapy, education and other specialties.  The Social Service Dog models appropriate behavior, interrupts inappropriate behavior, is utilized to keep children from bolting and provides service dog skills for children with behavioral, emotional, mental and physical disabilities.

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